Dental Implants in Franklinville, NJ

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a popular tooth replacement solution for patients with missing or severely damaged teeth. They’re high-tech artificial teeth that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. Made of biocompatible titanium, dental implants are custom-crafted to provide effective and long-term results.   

The Benefits of Dental Implants

There are numerous advantages to receiving dental implants from Franklinville Dental.. Some of the top functions of implants include:

    • Restores your bite. Dental implants are anchored into your jaw with a titanium post that replaces the tooth root, allowing you to bite with more force than before. 
    • Enables natural speech. Missing teeth can affect your ability to pronounce words correctly. Implants restore your ability to  speak clearly and easily.
    • Prevents bone loss. Dental implants support jaw bone stimulation needed to maintain healthy jaw mass.
    •  Prevents cavities. Dental implants are composed of a material that doesn’t decay, which prevents cavities from forming.
    • Supports adjacent teeth. Dental implants can fill in gaps that cause teeth to shift positions and misalign your jaw. . 

Dental Implants vs. Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. They’re made of tooth-like materials that are permanently attached to your gums, acting as replacement teeth. This is different from porcelain veneers, which are simply porcelain coverings over your real teeth.

Dental implants are similar to dentures, but since they’re permanently fixed to your gums, they’re not removable. 

Mini dental implants have the same structure as regular implants, but they’re smaller. They’re also made of a one-piece screw that’s less than 3mm in diameter, unlike conventional dental implants. If you lost a tooth due to injury, tooth decay, or any other reason, dental implants can help restore your smile beautifully. 

The Dental Implant Procedure 

If dental implants are right for you, we can start the dental implant procedure right away. Implant placement is typically completed in two visits, although this will depend on your individual circumstances. 

Here is the typical dental implant procedure:

  1. If you have a tooth in place that you are replacing, that tooth will be extracted.
  2. Next, an incision is made in your gums, and the dental implant will be inserted. Once your implant is stable enough, Dr. Gottlieb will place an abutment on top of the implant. This connects the implant to your crown. Local anesthesia is used for this procedure, and you shouldn’t feel anything other than some pressure.
  3. When your gums have been given enough time to heal, you’ll return for your permanent implant placement. The implant functions just like a natural tooth, so it will be permanently screwed into the abutment.

The entire process takes a few months, and it has a very high rate of patient satisfaction. 

Custom Dental Implants at Franklinville Dental

Curious about dental implants? Call us at (856) 202-3456 to set up a consultation at our Franklinville office. We look forward to meeting you! 

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