NO WAIT, no pain. Gteat staff

Bill m

Went in as a bucket of nerves with a sore mouth. Left feeling sure i will be ok. With the help from the professional
Staff, the dentist and Jordan who was with me the longest and totally deserved her paycheck settling me down keeping me calm and still getting her work done, without ever making me feel like I wanted to bolt. Which is my norm with any dentist office from the moment I sit in the chair. After 35 years of hating / dreading missing appts cause I don’t wanna go to the dentist. I think I found success! Thank you all for your patience and taking on a space cadet!

Donna V

What to say about Dr Gottlieb. Looking for an upbeat dentist? Look no more.He showed kindness right from his start. He was still under construction. But when. I had enough of a painful wisdom tooth he welcomed me right over. I have also had a root canal, pain free! My daughters started with him at 4 and 7. It’s a lot to know your kids can go to the dentist without being nervous. It’s speaks a lot of how well you are treated. They love his humor, smiles and concern in their care. We feel blessed to have him. My girls also go to his office for Orthodontics. Again it’s been a pleasure. Unfortunately my youngest has needed a lot of help in her journey. Dr. Gottlieb and his staff have been there all they can. We don’t have issues that I hear from others, breaking brackets. I highly recommend his practice. You could try to ask for more but I just don’t see you finding better. Thanks Franklinville Family Dentistry work always well done.


Awesome – they always do a great job

Eric S

Once again Dr Todd and his entire staff was excellent, took great care of me. I
had a very difficult extraction, but the Dr took his time and made sure there was no pain!! This is the only dentist where I never feel any pain!!! They are the best!!

Deborah M

Absolutely speechless. I have not seen a dentist in years, because of my anxiety and fear, from previous dental experiences. I brought my 8 year old son in yesterday for severe tooth pain, after witnissing their patience and compassion with him, I actually felt comfortable sitting in a dentist office (which I have NEVER felt before!). Dr. Gottlieb and his staff are truly amazing! It is not everyday that you bring your child to the dentist and have his issue/pain resolved and you yourself leave with a cleaning, two root canals and a BEAUTIFUL new smile! I am so very grateful! As long as Dr. Gottlieb is in practice, I have no reason to fear going to the dentist. This was a life changing experience for me, so thank you all!


Extremely pleased with my first visit at this practice. I was in severe pain from a tooth I assumed needed to be extracted. The office was able to make an appointment the day I called. The doctor was very friendly and explained that he could give me a root canal right then and there if I preferred not to lose the tooth, but was also happy to do the extraction. I opted for the root canal. My appointment was at 2:00, the nurse took my history, the doctor examined me, another nurse went over my financial options, and the root canal was completed before 3:00 PM. I also had minimal discomfort after the procedure.


My experience was great. Everyone was nice and friendly. They explained everything about my visit. Wonderful expertise.


I was quite suprised when I found out that I could get a partial on my lower jaw. After being told that all my teeth needed to be pulled and a full denture had to be placed with implants, which I could not afford! That also caused me not to go see another dentist until I was in so much pain. I wanted to thank Dr. Gottlieb and his team for all their help and truth-fullness!

Ellen N. and Leonard N.

Such a great place with a great friendly and professional staff

Lewis d