Ellen N. and Leonard N.

I was quite suprised when I found out that I could get a partial on my lower jaw. After being told that all my teeth needed to be pulled and a full denture had to be placed with implants, which I could not afford! That also caused me not to go see another dentist until I was in so much pain. I wanted to thank Dr. Gottlieb and his team for all their help and truthfullness!

Dear Franklinville Dental Staff,

To the most professional medical/dental TEAM i've ever experienced.....Your care, concern,quality of work and patience with me is BEYOUND word. Thank you for ALL your efforts.

Dear Dr Gottlieb,

Many many thanks to you and your staff for all the kindness you have shown me last week. I know that you will be rewarded 10 times over with all that you have done and continue to do for everyone. Your crown will be filled with "JEWELS"! Thank you so much.

My wife could not believe how nice and friendly we were greeted by your front desk staff when we walked in to your office. She was so impressed with your dental assistants since they had such great concern for her treatment and how they were so well trained in dentistry.

She commented on your techniques and your constant concern for her comfort. Its hard to believe that these comments are being said after a visit to a DENTIST. It sounds like she just came back from the SPA. She is completely impressed and that makes me feel grateful to you and your office. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Dr. Gottlieb.

Even with over a hour drive to your office, my wife wants to make you our new family dentist.

Dear Dr. Gottlieb,

I want to thank you from my heart for helping me get rid of this terrible pain I've been living with for years-all because I could not afford the expense. I have been so very blessed by your generous kindness to help me financially. When my cousin went back home, he thought of why I had put this off for so long, and I was doubled blessed when he insisted to help me pay my bill.

I feel so wonderful! how fantastic it is to be able to take care of my teeth. Thank you!!! and thank you to your wonderful staff also. Everyone has been too kind to me even though I'm such a coward.

If there is ever "someday" that i am better off financially, I will remember your kindness to me.

Thank you Dr. Gottlieb & Staff.

I want to share the story of a 15 year old boy from the village of Santa Maria de Jesus, a town of 25,000 indigenous Mayan Indians. He came in to the dental clinic on Saturday held at our girls school, Proximos Pasos with an impacted wisdom tooth. Dr Todd, a dentist from NJ who was a part of the team from my sister's home church, worked on his tooth and gave him antibiotics for his severe infection, but he didn’t have everything he needed such as a scalpel to finish. We returned on Wednesday to do the lice wash with the girls at the school. Dr Todd and Pastor Gary ended up joining us even though it wasn’t on the schedule. Dr. Todd wanted to look for the boy who God had put on his heart and finish his dental work now that he had the all important scalpel. The only problem was that we had no idea where he lived, or what his name was. Did I mention that each little house in Santa Maria basically looks the same with a mixture of corrugated metal and corn stalks for walls. We decided to pray for this boy and ask God to lead us to him where he may be. Now I know Bill has made mention of my direct line to God here in Guatemala, and I’ll tell you that the reason I believe things happen when I pray is because I know that my only option is trusting my heavenly father to take care of me and lead me each day. We came together in faith asking God for a miracle. 10 minutes after we prayed, out of “no where” one of the girls at school tugged on my shirt and told me that her brother didn’t go and work in the fields planting corn today because he had a hole in his mouth. I felt God prompting me to pursue this and asked if the girl could take me to her house. I called for Dr. Todd and Pastor Gary to join me. I asked them if they were ready to see a miracle. The little girl led us on a winding adventure down narrow village roads with more twists and turns than I imagined possible. She led us to her front door and prayed in my head once more that this would be the boy’s house. A weary Mayan woman came to the door and eyed us with caution. I told her we were from Proximos Pasos school and that we were looking for a boy….”It’s HIM…It’s really HIM!!!!” Dr Todd yelled as soon as he saw a young man’s head peer out from behind his mother. His mouth was extremely swollen and he looked miserable but a twinkle in his eye said he was glad to see us. His mother invited us into the one room house with the smoke of an open fire swirling throughout the room and only one bed for her and her 11 children. The mother began to cry as she told us that she and her sister had been praying all weekend that God would send the Dentist back to their village to help her son and that God would take care of them. After hearing of her faith, Todd, Gary and I were all wiping away tears as we witnessed this miracle in the making. God heard the cry of a faithful woman and orchestrated an answer by moving each one of us to action. We all joined hands and prayed for the family while thanking God for leading us right to their humble front door. We took the boy, who we found out was named Rolando and his little brother back to the school with us. Dr Todd preformed a surgery right on the third floor patio of the school relieving a lot of pain and eliminating the buildup of infection that was present. Without an X-Ray to make sure that the entire tooth had been removed, Dr Todd had to use his judgment and do the best he could with such limited resources. God had yet another miracle in store for us. He led us to a local dental technicians’ office where they let us use additional anesthesia and suction to make sure the surgery was complete. Dr. Todd offered to pay the man for the use of his office but he would not accept money since we had come to help the people of his village. Our buddy Rolando will be sore for the next few days, but he will good as new after a week’s rest. I saw firsthand the way God cares for his children on that day. In a village of 25,000 people, God led a dentist

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